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Discovery, Rethinking Environmental Adaptation Methods

DREAM(SM) is an interactive contextual learning method for climate change adaptation and resilience with classroom and experiential components that enable real, on the ground projects that impact communities and empower tomorrow's leaders. No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of the DREAM.



Research Internships

Applications open 2015
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Education Programs

Programs for University Students, High School and Middle School Students, Cost-Free Programs for Teachers of Students through Age 13, Professional Classes and Certifications

SeaTrust Institute educational programs are open to anyone interested in learning about interrelated biological, physical and human aspects of environmental Issues. Operating at the intersection of science and policy, our programs offer opportunities to participate in practical research with experts working in the field. Issues range from climate change and public health to ocean acidification, multilateral processes, collaboration and conflict, international capacity development, green building, insurance, finance and business, sustainability and disaster risk reduction.

- RESEARCH INTERNSHIPS are available for both graduate and undergraduate students. Please visit the internship page to learn more about these exciting global opportunities to earn college credit while contributing to meaningful and timely environmental research.

- FIELD INTERNSHIPS are available for a limited number of students and are related to specific in-country initiatives. Contact Dr. Lynn Wilson at for openings and application.

- Younger students can begin with SeaTrust Institute as community service volunteers through the AWARE program. This SeaTrust Institute youth project engages high school and select middle school students in research, education and community action to increase climate change awareness through experiential learning activities. AWARE allows students to acquire public service credits required for high school graduation by many states and cities while contributing to their local communities and it provides experiential environmental education that enhances applications to top universities.

In addition to these student opportunities, classes are available for both working professionals and students. Most classes are three to four weeks in duration but may vary due to content or as part of a certification class series. Check here for a list of individual class offerings and dates starting in 2014. National and international training programs on sustainability, climate change, finance, risk, environmental health and natural resources and more are scheduled throughout the year.


Research Internships and Fellowships

Eligible graduate students and professionals can apply now for SeaTrust Institute Research Internships starting throughout the calendar year. Interns and professionals produce usable research that is showcased at United Nations events through SeaTrust Institute. Publishable research qualifies the individual for membership as a Seatrust Institute Fellow, a life-long collaborative of researchers and practitioners contributing usable environmentally- related research to policy and decision makers.


Our internship program provides a place for students to gain knowledge and practical experience in conducting environmentally oriented adaptation and mitigation research for issues including but not limited to climate change and health, adaptive environmental policy, economic and private industry foci, and disaster risk reduction and management. Internships can be undertaken as part of formal degree programs with agreement of the credit conferring institution. Offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, internships are ongoing in 2015-2016 calendar years.


See Internships more information on these opportunities to work with us at SeaTrust Institute or register.


Current needs: We are currently seeking interns for :

Research Internship in Community Resilience to Environmental Change

Students conduct academic background research on a current SeaTrust Institute topic, creating solid grounding for future academic research activities or for professional advancement. The research is part of a cohort

Health as an Indicator for Environmental and Climate Change Decisions

Interns include action research using the Halcyon Adaptation Scenario(SM) process and may include field components in addition to background research components. Both internships are available for undergraduates.



Research Collaborative

Globally, the Consortium on Climate Change and Population Health provides a forum for research collaboration and may be open for membership to selected graduate student interns or those completing the graduate internships as a way to work across disciplines on specific environmental policy research issues.


Specialized and Regional Training

Custom or specialized training programs are available for NGOs, governmental or industry groups. Inquire for custom training at


Regional trainings have included shorebird identification and monitoring, wetlands, estuarine and coastal ecosystem interaction and volunteer interpreter training.

We invite you to read Dustin Wilson's essay about what becomes possible when we learn about environmental sustainability and the links between policy, science, business and everyday actions.